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Herbs for Prostate Health

While a variety of conventional medications and supplements are available to maintain prostate health, a number of herbs for prostate health and herbal prostate supplements also exist to help prevent potential problems.

  • Saw Palmetto - A traditional Native American remedy, Saw palmetto reduces prostate enlargement by inhibiting the synthesis of growth-stimulating DHT and promoting DHT elimination by lowering estrogen levels.
  • Pygeum - Pygeum is another herbal heavyweight, often administered with saw palmetto. An indigenous African remedy obtained from tree bark, studies indicate that pygeum can treat BPH and prostatitis. The herb also contains chemicals that inhibit DHT-associated prostate enlargement.
  • Red Clover - A member of the pea family, red clover contains powerful antioxidants that fight off cancerous growths. Red clover inhibits DHT formation, thus inhibiting enlargement of the prostate gland and the symptoms that accompany it.
  • Cernilton - Cernilton is a popular European product prepared from the extract of mainly rye pollen. Numerous studies document Cernilton's ability to treat BPH and prostatitis.
  • Stinging Nettle - This is a traditional herbal folk remedy for many ailments, including prostate disorders. Clinical studies indicate that the herb can also relieve BPH symptoms.

Other Important Nutrients for Prostate Health

  • Zinc - Zinc is an important mineral for many bodily processes. A zinc deficiency predisposes the prostate gland to infection, which could eventually lead to enlargement. Foods high in zinc include chicken, lobster, crab meat, peanuts, beans, pork, beef, brown rice, yogurt and lamb.
  • Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6, along with zinc, regulates the hormone that converts testosterone to DHT, and helps prevent swelling of the prostate.
  • Lycopene - Lycopene is a nutrient that gives some fruits and vegetables their color and has antioxidant properties. Lycopene contains powerful antioxidants that may be able to reduce BPH inflammation and prevent prostate cancer. It is found in especially high quantities in spaghetti sauce, watermelon, tomatoes, grapefruit and salsa.

Keep Your Prostate Healthy With an Herbal Prostate Supplement

The best "health insurance" you can have for a healthy prostate is plenty of moderate exercise, maintaining an ideal weight and consuming a healthy diet rich in good prostate health foods.

We know it's difficult to always eat right in today's fast paced environment. An herbal prosate supplement can be beneficial for many men.

:: Herbs for Prostate Health ::

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